I carried out the first hive checks for spring today. It’s always an exciting time for a beekeeper to open hives for the first time after a long winter break.

The bees are well into their spring build up with plenty of eggs, larvae and capped brood. This means the queen is back into producing eggs after her well deserved winter rest.

The bees that come into spring will be the oldest bees you have ever as they have had little foraging duties over winter and therefore live longer.

So what is spring build up. As the name suggests it’s the hive ramping up production of worker and drone brood in preparation for spring flowering and to build numbers so the hive can collect and store enough food for the coming winter.

This means forager bees start foraging again as it is now warmer and the queen starts laying at her full capacity again (a good young queen lays about 2000 eggs a day).

I have included a couple of videos from today’s inspections showing eggs, larvae and capped brood.

Beautiful capped worker and drone brood. Just what I want to see.

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