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The Honeysmith
The Honeysmith

The Honeysmith a local business selling bee products and beekeeping services.

I would first like to acknowledge the support that was shown to me during my crowdfunding campaign to raise money to let me establish The Honeysmith. To all those people thank you, your support is greatly appreciated.

The Honeysmith is about producing 100% raw natural honey that is spun out of the frames and filtered into a jar for your enjoyment. This process is carried out at room temperature and no additional heat is used in the processing of the honey. The only way it could be purer is if you were eating it straight from the hive with a spoon.

Beautiful urban honey ready for sale

Beekeeping is an agricultural pursuit, we have taken something out of its natural environment and persuaded it to live in an environment we created – the commercial hive, insect husbandry if you like. Just like farming livestock or growing crops, bees need to be taken care of to help them thrive and to be able to manage them sustainably. This may not be as romantic as some imagine it but for anyone aiming to produce excess honey for sale, I think it’s pretty accurate.

What is important to me as a beekeeper is that I carry out my beekeeping in an ethical and sustainable manner. By this, I mean that my bees are managed so as to have as little impact on the natural ecosystem as possible. We all love bees and are grateful for the hard work that they do and the extremely important pollination role that they play, we do however have to remember that they are not native to Australia and as such should be managed responsibly.

Warre’ hive (left) and insulated Langstroth on the (right).

The role of native pollinators in all their forms is extremely important. These pollinators are crucially important to maintaining a healthy biodiversity. They play an important role in crop pollination and the pollination of natives plants. The Honeysmith hopes to raise awareness about the importance of native bees and other pollinators and show locals how you can help these hard workers out by building bee-friendly environments in your own yard.

People keep honeybees for different reasons, I like bees, I think they do an important job. For whatever reasons you keep or are interested in bees I hope you find some of the information here useful. I will be recording my notes and images from my hive inspections in my blog as well as anything else I find interesting.

Have a look around and let me know what you think.

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