Inside a hive at Roseglen apiary
Inside a hive at Roseglen apiary

Beekeeping resources

Australian Beekeeping Guide (2015) Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Publication. A really good overview of beekeeping.

Biosecurity Manual for Beekeepers (Plant Health Australia and Australian Honey Bee Industry Council).

Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice (Australian Honey Bee Industry Council and state and territory governments).

Established pests – A list of common pests associated with Honey bees and beekeeping. How to identify them and manage them.

Exotic pests – These pests are not yet established in Australia. However, we must be vigilant and be able to identify these pests if they become established.

Agrifutures Australia – A range of publications about honey bees and pollination.

Canberra Region Beekeepers is where you will find a friendly group of beekeepers from most age groups and all levels of experience.

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