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The Honeysmith offers customised mentoring and consulting services to hive owners who are currently experiencing issues with their bees, need assistance with seasonal tasks or those who want to expand their current skill level with particular beekeeping tasks such as swarm management or re-queening.

These services can be tailored to your needs whether it be:

  • Hive health inspections
  • Building hives and hive components
  • Diseases, pests and parasites of brood and honeybees
  • Increasing the numbers of colonies (splitting)
  • Swarm management techniques
  • Urban apiary sites and flora
  • Spring management
  • Summer operations
  • Extracting honey and processing
  • Winter management
  • Beeswax processing
  • Re-queening colonies and managing aggressive hives
  • Legal requirements

Mentoring is an excellent way to learn. Mentoring sessions are carried out on a 1 on 1 basis meaning you get the Honeysmith’s undivided attention for the session. However small groups of 2-4 individuals can be catered for at the attendees request.

Mentoring session structure

Topics covered will be dependent on attendee’s level of experience or topics requested by the individuals.

Mentoring sessions are carried out from spring through to mid autumn when the beehives can be opened for inspection. Mentoring sessions are also weather dependent.

Mentoring sessions can be carried out on your premises with your hive/s or at one of the many Honeysmith’s apiary locations around Canberra (north side or south side).


Offered: Spring to mid-Autumn
Number of Attendees: 1- 4
Length: 2 hours
Cost: $200 per attendee

Clothing: covered shoes, light/comfortable clothing (ideally not black). Please also refrain from wearing perfume/strong scents.

Mentoring sessions can be purchased as a gift for a friend. You can prepay for a session and organise a date when convenient.


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