The market place

Beautiful raw local honey
Beautiful raw local honey

Honey sales

100% Pure natural honey, forged by bees. Just spun, filtered and bottled for your enjoyment.

Apiary tours

Become a beekeeper for a day by joining the Honeysmith while he checks on his beehives. A great day out.

Custom Beehives

Custom built timber beehives. Insulated with rice hulls for superior thermal performance and happy bees. Decorate the outside yourself . Made to order.

Mentoring services

If your beekeeping skills are a bit rusty or your just not quite sure… the Honeysmith’s mentoring services could help. Any topic can be covered from hive maintenance to re-queening.

Hive and apiary sponsorship

So you want to help save bees and be involved but you don’t have the time or the space. If this is you then sponsoring a hive is a great option.

Hive hosting

Interested in having a beehive in your backyard…but don’t have the time or the knowhow to manage it.
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