Custom beehives

Complete insulated custom hive
Complete insulated custom hive

Custom built timber beehives. Insulated with rice hulls for superior thermal performance and happy bees. Decorate the outside yourself or get the Honeysmith to do it for you. Made to order.


You can purchase a custom built timber beehive from the Honeysmith.

The Honeysmith’s custom beehives offer superior thermal performance. This is achieved through a double wall design where the cavity is filled with rice hulls a great insulator. They are also a timber construction so it means that no non-biodegradable materials will be left behind to damage the environment. They contain no plastic or hydrocarbon based products.

Rice hulls filling wall cavity of hive.

Why rice hulls

The rice hulls are unique within nature. They contain approximately 20% opaline silica in combination with a large amount of a structural polymer called lignin. This abundant agricultural waste has all of the properties one could ever expect of some of the best insulating materials. Rice hulls do not flame or smoulder very easily, they are highly resistant to moisture penetration and fungal decomposition, they do not transfer heat very well, they do not smell or emit gases, and they are not corrosive with respect to aluminum, copper or steel. In their raw and unprocessed state, rice hulls constitute a Class A insulation material, and therefore, they can be used very economically as an insulation material. Rice hulls have an R-value of 3.0 combine this with the R-value of pine which is approximately 1.41, and you end up with a very well insulated beehive.

Rice hulls are also a by-product from agriculture so it make sense to use them rather than let them go to waste, more often than not this by-product is used for animal bedding.


The custom beehives internal dimensions are the same as a standard Langstroth hive so you can use standard frames and queen excluders etc as you would for a Langstroth hive. The hives can be made to 8 or 10 frame dimensions and supers can be made to either full depth or ideal depth.

The hives are hand built by the Honeysmith here in Canberra. They are made to order and manufacture takes 2 weeks. The hives can be provided either painted, oiled or raw if you wish to paint it yourself.

Finished hive

Whats included

Each hive comes with:

  • 1 x Brood box + frames
  • 1 x super (ideal or full depth) + frames
  • 1 x Quilt box
  • 1 x Stainless steel queen excluder
  • 1 x Roof
  • 1 x Ventilated/non-ventilated base
  • 1 x Travel gate
  • 1 x Strap

This hive is ready to go, you just need to add the bees.


Pricing depends on a 8 or 10 frame design and type of finishing required. Contact the Honeysmith direct to discuss available options and to get a free quote for your custom beehive build.

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