Urban farming and Sustainability


Gardening and Sustainability

Canberra City Farm is establishing learning hubs where the community can creatively share knowledge and experience of socially, economically and environmentally responsible food production and sustainable living.

Southern Harvest Association – an educational and marketing non-profit incorporated local food association at the forefront of supporting and promoting local and regional food production and consumption in South East NSW and ACT. 

The Organic Gardener – an online resource based around the magazine of the same name. There is a lot of really good information here on all things organic gardening.

Canberra Organic Growers Society Inc (COGS) – a non-profit organisation started in 1977 with the aim of providing a forum for organic growers to exchange information and encourage the adoption of organic growing methods.

Canberra Environment Centre – are a non-government, not for profit environmental education centre that empowers people to create a sustainable future for the Canberra community by supporting lifelong behavioural change.

Tracey Bool Garden Writer – with many years’ experience in horticulture and an ongoing passion for sustainable food growing and gardening, Tracey has established a reputation as one of Canberra’s leading horticulturalists.

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